Housing Research

Wright & Wright has undertaken a number of research projects on the housing sector, particularly in association with housing for those with particular or specialised needs

—  Part M of the Building Regulations
      working Committee
—  The Glass-House Community
      Led Design
—  The Joseph Rowntree Foundation:
      Lifetime Homes Design Guide
—  Aids and Housing Trust
—  Extra Care Housing and designing
      for Dementia
—  SEN Housing for BSF Programme.

Housing Masterplans

Large scale housing and mixed use
Masterplans for HAB and the Joseph
Rowntree Foundation.

Competitions include:

—  Melbourne Landmark,
—  Glasgow Green,
—  Dublin’s Smithfield Market.

Student Housing masterplan
projects include:

—  Blue Boar Court, Trinity College
—  Hendrefoelan Village, Swansea,
—  Durham University.

Housing Research Special
Needs Housing

One Housing projects:

—  Kings Cross Road
A hostel for the Simon Community for
street homeless in central London.

—  Varndell Street
Housing for those with HIV and AIDS
Housing for large refugee families

—  Oakfield Road, Hull
Mews housing for students with Social,
Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.

Affordable Housing

Design of house types and apartments within a housing masterplan for HAB in Swindon.

Caspar Housing Project in Leeds, working with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Extra Care Housing

—  Aspen Retirement Limited:
      including rooftop terraces.
—  Housing 21, Bath
—  Trade Down housing, Barnet

Dementia Needs

The office has an ongoing research programme into designing for those with dementia. This looks into city planning and lifetime neighbourhoods, through to housing types and everyday details.

Projects include Extra Care housing schemes designed to accommodate a larger number of people with dementia, as well as adaptable houses for those who wish to remain in their own home.

Sustainability & Secure by Design

Key factors that we are engaged with are:

—  embodied energy,
—  whole life costs and robustness,
—  build-ability and external appearance,
—  off-site standardisation and building

Student Housing

Fellows’ rooms completed as part of work
at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge.

Sandy Wright brings extensive experience of campus and collegiate housing design from his work as a partner at MJPW architects including Blue Boar Court for Trinity College in Cambridge.

Recent invited collegiate housing and development competitions include Exeter College Oxford and Worcester College Oxford.

The office cites Robinson College in Cambridge, on which Sandy worked whilst at Gillespie Kidd and Coia, as a key precedent and reference point.

Large scale student housing projects have been undertaken, such as Hendrefoelan for Swansea University and housing for Durham University.