Royal College of Art Sculpture School
The energy performance of the existing sculpture building was extremely poor, causing high running costs for the College and low levels of comfort for its users. Consequently a key aspect of our brief was to drastically improve the thermal performance and carbon emissions.

The existing building was poorly insulated with inadequate air tightness, causing the building to be excessively cold in winter and to overheat in summer. There was also inadequate levels of daylight requiring artificial lighting for the majority of the working day.

To improve the building’s energy consumption and thermal performance:
  1. The existing roof was renewed with composite panel system providing U-Values in excess of the requirements of Part L.
  2. Automatic ridge ventilators expel warm air, drawn in at low level, cooling the building in summer. These can left open overnight to purge the building of excess heat.
  3. New rooflights achieve a 20% daylight factor, virtually eliminating the need for artificial light during working hours. Solar glass minimises heat gain.
  4. De-stratification fans push warmed air from high level into the studios below during winter months.
Other measures include:
—  New roof is zero ozone depleting
—  Energy efficient artificial lighting
—  Water efficient sanitary ware

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