Corpus Christi College Library
The building has been designed to minimise the impact on the environment, using straightforward design principles. Despite the constraints of the existing building, wherever possible passive ventilation is used and electrical and mechanical systems minimise energy use and carbon emissions. This strategy has key strategic moves to solve issues of light and ventilation, as well as smaller moves to save energy.

The library faces onto a busy street so acoustic separation was required and therefore sealed windows. To passively ventilate the space of the library: (1) fresh cool air is drawn in from quiet courtyards, (2) readers warm the air, (3) air is extracted at high level through rooflights

Small scale solutions include:
—  water efficient toilets and showers
—  high performance insulation to new build roofs
—  sustainably sourced stone and wood
—  daylight maximised
—  lightwells used to lower ground floor
—  narrow section permits natural cross ventilation

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